Frequently Asked Questions.


Oil and Gas Production Candidates can follow the RPL FAQ answers using the  Work Safely Unit of Competency


What is Recognised Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the assessment of skills and knowledge obtained through formal training, work experience and/or life experience.

As with all assessments, the assessor must be confident that the candidate is currently competent against the endorsed unit of competency.


What are Performance Criteria?

The performance criteria specify the required performance in relevant tasks, roles, skills that enables competent performance. Read Work Safely's Performance Criteria.

Each Performance Criteria has to be substantiated by Evidence.


 What is Unit of Competency?

Each unit of competency concerns the ability to perform particular tasks and duties to the standard of performance expected in the workplace. Read Work Safely’s Unit Description.

Each Unit of Competency has Elements of Competency.


 What are Elements of Competency?

The elements of competency are the basic building blocks of the unit of competency. Read Work Safely’s Elements of Competency.

Each Element of Competency has associated Performance Criteria.

 What is evidence?

Evidence is the information you provide to your assessor to support your claims of prior learning and current competence.


How do I address the gaps identified in Units of Competency and required evidence?

My affiliation with TAFE intuitions enables the identified Unit of Competency gaps to be filled. Information on recommended courses provided can be found here.

Help with evidence collection can addressed via our email.

 How do I arrange my evidence?

Once you have made your Unit of Competency selections it is important to document your evidence as the following example displays:

Mandatory Modules Evidence Example

How do I select my units of competency:

  1. Use the Certificate II Packaging Rules document to select the units of competency that best reflect your current and past experiences.
  2. Search MySkills.gov.au for more information on your selected units. (Enter selected Unit's name or number in the Search for Course Name box.)
  3. Evaluate your selections against the qualification's packaging rules (Page 7)
  4. Note any Gaps between packaging rules and your selections.
  5. Identify evidence to be submitted using: the Recognition of Prior Learning Evidence Guide and the Typical Evidence Guide.
  6. Note any gaps in evidence you can supply for your selected units.
  7. Arrange your evidence in a structured way.