Following is a video of our services offered and a brief descriptions our tutors career, qualifications and experience as a result of a lifetime in the Oil and Gas industry:

Oil and Gas Production Training Services Video


Positions Held

  1. Process Plant Technician

  1. DCS Process Controller

  1. Senior Process Controller

  1. Shift Manager / Supervisor

  1. Projects Engineer

  1. TAR Coordinator

  1. Technical Training Supervisor

  1. Shipping Manager

  1. Process Unit Superintendent

  1. Reactive Engineer

  1. Planned Engineer


PMA60108 - Advanced Diploma of Process Plant Technology – Gordon TAFE - 2009

UEP50206 - Diploma of Electricity Generation (Operations) – Learning Systems - 2012

TAE40110Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – A1 Group Training - 2011

BSB30504Certificate III in Business (Frontline Management) – OSA Group - 2004

UEG40106Certificate IV in Gas Industry Operations – Swinburne TAFE - 2012

NWP40107Certificate IV in Water Operations – Water Industry Training - 2013

SGT400Alstom Gas Turbine Product Training – Alstom Power - 2000


Process Plant - Oil Refining

  • Crude Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Units, Fixed Bed, Fluidized Bed and Liquid Bed Reaction Units, Cryogenic Units, Product Dehydration Units, Gas Absorption/Adsorption Units, Slop Oil Recovery and Waste Water Management systems, Bitumen Production and Storage, Petrol and Diesel Blending systems

Process Plant - CSG Production

  • Free Flowing and Pumped Well Sites, Gas and Water Gathering Systems, Pipeline Pigging, CSG Compression - Gas /Electric Driven Screw Compressors, CSG Dehydration - Separators, Glycol Unit, Filter Coalescer, CSG Booster Compression, Sales and Metering Stations

Utility Plants

  • Power Production - Cogeneration Unit, Steam Turbo Generation, Diesel Power Generation Water Treatment - Hot Process Softeners, Demineralisation, Reverse Osmosis. High Pressure Superheated Steam Production and Condensate Recovery Systems, Air Production - Plant & Instrument Air, Nitrogen Generation, Flare Systems - Auto ignition, Cold Vent, Slop Oil Recovery and Waste Water Management systems

Product Logistics

  • Product Terminal Operations, Gas Terminal Operations. Product, Gas and Crude Oil Shipping operations, Bitumen Terminal Operations