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Mission Statement

To provide Oil and Gas industry with production support and consultancy services, and skill development / career paths for process plant personnel.

Vision Statement

To be recognised as a leader in the provision of efficient, effective and safe personnel within the Australian Process Plant Industry.


My Services

♦ Consultancy Services
♦ Process Plant Engineering
♦ Recognition of Skills & Knowledge
♦ Process Operations Oil and Gas Training
♦ Career Advice




Former Clientele

♦ Oil & Gas operations personnel
♦ Oil and Gas project personnel
♦ Oil and Gas maintenance personnel
♦ Oil and Gas contractor personnel


Industry Support


Consultancy Services

Industry has long recognised the need for subject matter experts to scrutinise plant operations and their personnel.

It is our goal to firstly develop these subject matter experts and then encourage them to actively contribute to the success of plant operation.

Competence Assurance Plans

Introducing the rare combination of TAFE Qld and vast process operation skills, knowledge and experience. This provides prospective clients with the opportunity to give their workforce a funded national qualification which has been developed by the state’s most qualified authorities.

Process Operations Training

Process operations attracts candidates from all walks of life as it a highly paid unskilled labourer role. I have trained personnel whose previous qualifications were Restaurant Waitress/Waiter, Clerks, Security Guards, Sole Traders, Chefs, Trades people, University Graduates and School Teachers.

Get The Recognition You Deserve




Oil and Gas Training

Current Competencies are the roles and their responsibilities that candidates perform now. Your job description is a valuable form of competency recognition.

Just as industry has defined their Skills Sets for oil and gas positions, companies have developed job descriptions for their positions. Performing these company roles can give candidates recognition towards a national qualification.




Oil and Gas Training

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC) is the assessment of skills and knowledge obtained through site training, work experience and/or life experience.

This type of assessment applies to candidates working in Process Manufacturing Industry. However due to cross application of national training packages it is wise to seek clarification.




oil and Gas Training

Life skills are another form of recognition:

  • Community Team leaders,
  • Committee Members,
  • Volunteer positions such as:
    • rural fire fighter,
    • sporting team medic,
    • emergency services person,

all these skills can all count towards qualifications.




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